Our Server Info

Search for “A Little Mercy” or connect from the F1 console using:

client.connect rust.alittlemercy.com:28015


We are always looking for features to attract more players, but trying to balance that with a feature set that encourages hard work in the game. Here’s a list of the current features and modifications:


Changelog for 08/13/15

The changes you voted for!

Here’s the changes that have been implemented:

  • Limited Ladders
    • with DisableOnlyOnConstructions enabled
  • Night Lantern
    • Apparently many of you were tired of stubbing your toes.
  • Bears updated from 250 to 300 (17% change). Will monitor feedback if this is too much.

Server Changes Voting for 08/13/15 Patch

Vote For Server Changes

I wanted to get everyones opinion on some possible changes for the server. Of course anything people show that do not want will not be implemented. I do reserve the right to remove any mods not working well or causing problems if they are voted in.


Welcome to the new website!

Hello everyone! I am MrPoundsign, and I just wanted to welcome you all to the website.